Please note by booking accommodation at Observation Rise you are automatically agreeing to this
policy and agree to abide by all conditions and any additional charges at all times.


  • Observation Rise Realty is able to accept bookings for the purpose of quarantining.
  • If you are unable to travel to Observation Rise due to COVID related border or travel restrictions, our policy is to provide a full refund up until the day of arrival, less an $100 administration fee and any relevant credit card refund charges or surcharges. Additional international credit card refund fees will apply.


  • Please check-in using the SAFEWA or SERVICE WA App by using the QR code which is laminated and located within the property.
  • Be aware of the State Government Directions and adhere to any government policies and guidelines during your stay.
  • Wear a mask in common areas and lifts, avoid close personal contact and follow safe distancing protocols at all times.


  • If you are quarantining in your property, you are not permitted to leave for the purpose of collecting food or grocery deliveries.
  • Observation Rise is not a hotel and Observation Rise Realty is a busy real estate office. Staff are only located on site during office hours from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. Staff are not located on site after hours.
  • Do not contact Security or Building Management to assist with deliveries as they are only available in the event of an emergency or security issue within the complex.
  • Observation Rise Realty can assist by providing access through the secure complex to ensure essential deliveries are delivered to your door during office hours only. Please assist us by buying larger grocery deliveries to reduce the frequency of deliveries.
  • Please provide advanced notice of any scheduled deliveries as our staff are busy and may be attending to a matter elsewhere in the complex. We will assist as soon as we are available.
  • If you are arriving at Observation Rise after hours or on a weekend, you will need to make arrangements for the collection of any deliveries prior to your arrival. We may be able to assist with deliveries after hours and on weekends but additional charges will apply and it is not guaranteed.


  • Please notify our office immediately during your stay in the event of the following:
    • You become unwell and are experiencing any of the COVID symptoms;
    • You suspect you may have been exposed to the virus;
    • You receive a directive from WA Health that you may have been exposed to COVID during your stay and are required to isolate and/or get tested.
  • If you are required to isolate for a period that extends beyond the current length of your stay, this will need to be discussed with our office and any additional charges will be at your expense.


  • If you test positive to COVID during your stay, after your stay or if you have been advised by WA Health you have been exposed to the virus we will be required to undertake specialty cleaning of the property.  Any charges for speciality cleaning of the property or linen will be at your expense and you authorise Observation Rise Realty to deduct these charges from your credit card details provided or you will arrange full payment within 7 days of the receipt of invoice.


  • It is your responsibility to ensure you comply with this policy and WA Government directives at all times. It is the not the responsibility of Observation Rise Realty to enforce this policy or ensure your compliance with quarantining conditions. If we become aware that you are not complying with the policy or WA Government directives, further action may be taken by Observation Rise Realty, Building Management or Strata Management.
  • Observation Rise Realty reserve the right at all times to cancel your accommodation, you will be required to vacate immediately and you will forfeit all monies paid if you do not comply with any of our Booking Terms and Conditions.

Observation Rise is a residential complex and this policy is in place to ensure the health and safety of all residents, guests and staff at all times. Your assistance and consideration are appreciated.